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Private Pool Villa Phuket

In today’s fast-paced day and age, leisure time is more precious than ever. Picking the right destination and planning for enough time to recharge is also key. An island retreat offers the best opportunity for all this and more. But finding the perfect accommodation can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you come with a large party. Don't fret, for there’s an easy way out in six simple words: Private pool villa Phuket Phang-Nga.

Your own slice of beach-front paradise.

Start that holiday feeling the moment you touch-down at Phuket International Airport. Less than half an hour later, relaxation with a difference begins as you enter Summer Estate. This modern private pool villa Phuket Phang-Nga is the best choice for luxury lovers. With its exclusive Natai beach location, prime ocean views and pristine sand is a given. You’re in good company with your only neighbors being other high-end villas and boutique resorts.

Everything you need at your private pool villa Phuket.

Privacy is in itself the ultimate indulgence. At Summer Estate, you’ll feel right at home but with a difference. Stylish and welcoming, there's enough space for everyone to roam. All guests can find their own preferred spot within the five spacious bedrooms and generous indoor common living areas filled with thoughtful amenities. Forget about mundane chores, as there's an on-site maid team keeping everything spotless.

Some ideas on what to do during your holiday: • Dine on bespoke meals from your private chef, with western or authentic Thai cuisine available. Alfresco beach-side dining has never been easier! • Catch up on that tan in the privacy of your own seafront pool, which comes with comfortable loungers. Property-wide wifi means you'll always be able to catch up with the latest news on all your devices, too. • Rise with the sun and a session of morning yoga on the lush grounds. Otherwise, choose to crush a work-out in the fully-equipped gym or go for a beachside stroll. • Experience some quality bonding time! There's group activities like movie nights, or active options like badminton or table tennis. For the truly outdoorsy, there’s even a kayak available.

Exploring the Pearl of the Andaman.

Yearning for a change of pace from relaxing at your private pool villa Phuket Phang-Nga? Some fun excursions should fit the bill! Leave it to the expert know-how of Summer Estate’s own Guest Relations Manager to prepare the best trips. From natural park exploration, yacht trips on the Andaman Sea or a quick jaunt over to Phuket, the choice is yours. It's time to start planning for that next stay in tropical paradise today! When you choose Summer Estate, every holiday becomes a chance to create more precious memories.

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